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*         Inductive Proximity Sensors
Inductive Proximity Sensors are used for non-contact metal sensing. Being contact-less sensors these can be used for position sensing, speed measurement, counting, etc. They can be used in extreme conditions, such as oily, dusty, corrosive environment. Their application ranges from automobile industries to steel industries,  from CNC / NC machines to material handling equipments, process automation, conveyor systems, packaging machines.
*       Capacitive Sensors
Capacitive Proximity Sensor is designed to detect, and react to any object which moves into the operating zone. The sensor contains an oscillator. The capacitance of this oscillator is linked with the sensing face and when any object moves into the operating zone, its capacitance activates the oscillator. The sensor can detect conductive as well as non conductive material. It is advisable to have an object with permittivity more than one. The conductive objects are generally to be earthed for better results.
*       Photoelectric Sensors
Photoelectric Sensor works on the principle of modulated Infra-Red rays. These sensors can sense any opaque, semi-transparent objects which comes in its sensing range. Photoelectric Sensors have large operating distance. These are mainly divided into : Diffused Beam Sensor, Through Beam Sensor with Amplifier Unit, Through Beam Sensor with Built in Amplifier, Retro-Reflective Sensors.
*       Print Mark Sensors
This is designed for sensing registration mark. It continuously scans the presence of registration mark on the moving packaging film. The electronic circuitry is capable of detecting any colours on any background colour. The scanning rate is as high as 2000 packages / minute making it suitable for any type of packaging machine including candy packing machine.
*       Electronic Safety Guards
Electronic safety guard is mainly designed for human safety. It is a invisible barrier of Infra Red Beam installed in dangerous operating areas to provide maximum safety to operators working on automatic machines, hydraulic presses, shearing machines, printing presses etc. It also provides flexibility in working areas, which in turn increases productivity and ensures machine safety also.


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